A downloadable Parkour


Game Modes:

Campaign - Play through some fun 3D campaign levels varying in difficulty 

Parkour Run - A fast paced sprint parkour run, momentum and speed are you friend

Escape Maze - Side 3D maze to try to escape from


What is it?

This is a fun quick and easy to learn parkour game. It is a show off of some physics and cool game movements. Three different game modes. The project is first person and was made on Unreal Engine 4. This project was meant as a learning experience for me to further my skills in game development and test them out on this project.


Size of the game?

1.1 GB


Who made the game?

Will Codes, I am currently experimenting with coding and making games and am working on a big project using all my skills from these small projects on one big one.


Will the game receive updates?

I don’t plan on updating this frequently like I would like too as I will be working on my big project I mentioned above. Will most likely receive a few big updates.

Release date Dec 15, 2019
AuthorWill Codes
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, First-Person, Parkour
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hope everyone likes it! Let me know what you think!